take is a film / photo production and an artists rep agency which can offer you complete creativer solutions for all of your projects.

We represent an international roster of amazing directors and photographers and we can always grant a wide-ranging choice of the best suitable solutions to reach your goals.

Our experience is delivered on every aspect and every phase of the creation of a perfect film or photo production.

That includes: consulting and research, art buying, production post-production

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us for your next photo shooting

Our main address is

taKe, via san pier tommaso 4, cap 40139, bologna


info @ take.rocks


+39 051 18898915

in istanbul contact Feray Ozgul

phone +90 55 22865723

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obviously all images on this site are copyrighted, this means dont steal the images , clear enough we think

TAKE : Via San Pier Tommaso 4 : 40139 Bologna : Italia

Tel. +39 051 18898915

PIVA IT02624531204

REA BO467778

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